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I spent 10 years with 2 PPCLI and 10 years as a communications technician (LCIS/CST). This attention to detail I learn through my career has translated extremely well to the home inspection industry.

The MOST IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION WHEN CHOOSING A HOME INSPECTOR is their education. I am Carson Dunlop trained and use the most up to date software on the market made and maintained by Canadian Home Inspectors. Any changes in regulations in our industry are updated in real time, I take my job very seriously and will not undercut any other quotes from other inspectors.




We agree on a time that works best for your realtor so I can have access.

An Email confirmation is sent to you with details of the inspection and ecopy of the Provincial approved contract agreement.

Being regulated means you are protected because I work for you and can sell you no other services, your best interest and safety are not only my concern but demanded by the Province.

You are encouraged to attend and ask questions and learn about a side to your new home that you may never even knew.

I start on the outside making 2 rounds, finishing up in the attic. Upper floors next followed by the basement mechanicals and electrical. Main floor and kitchen left for last, all the while Im also noting all the serial numbers of the appliances to check for recalls.

No time to test appliances in a typical home inspection as the allotted time is between 1.5 to 3 hrs depending on size and age which seems like a long time to some, but for us we just don't have the time to properly and confidently test and certify that an appliance is going to function once you take possession. Appliances can stop working for the most minor of reasons throughout their lives at any moment for any reason.

Once finished I give you a verbal summary of what you will expect to see on the report.

I encourage you never to make a decision until the report has been delivered and in your possession. Reason is after inspecting A LOT of homes some issues which I find minor and may not verbally mention but will include in the report may hold greater importance to you than I can appreciate.

Point is WAIT FOR THE REPORT. After the summary Im off and working on your report and any research that needs to be done.

Payment may be made at any time after schedule confirmation has been sent.

Follow the prompts to pay the invoice prior to inspection if you wish, etransfer to [email protected] OR once the report is sent to you simply follow the checkout prompts to access your report.

Report is your property, I do not own it or share it with anyone, I retain a copy record purpose only but you are free to share it with whomever you wish.
  • Derrin and Vanessa
    I would like to sum up my review with one statement, “detail oriented”. All areas of the home were reviewed and a detailed report was provided in a very timely manner, same day. The best part of the inspection for me was the aerial images of the roof and the assessment of its condition. Awesome overall experience.
    Derrin and Vanessa
  • Lisa Bennett
    Professional, reliable, and extremely easy to deal with!! I recently used Forces Home Inspections for the inspection of my first home purchase. From start to finish Mr. Turner was easy to deal with, helpful, thorough, and respectful. From my initial contact Kyle was accommodating and very prompt in both his reply, as well as his availability. Communication was clear and confirmation emails were sent out for ease of scheduling. Upon his arrival he commenced the exterior inspection immediately. His efficiency and professionalism throughout the whole process was evident in how both managed his time, but also took care to explain the whole process. As a first-time home buyer, Kyle was patent in explaining everything he was doing and the reasons for his recommendations. A thorough investigation of each aspect of the home was looked at and every detail was examined. Not only were concerns noted but also areas to watch for in the future were also noted. Kyle explained throughout the whole process exactly what he was doing. Once the inspection was complete a comprehensive report was sent, complete with pictures and recommendations along with access to HomeBinder to keep track of various aspects of the household including recalls and maintenance tasks. A summary was also provided to inform the seller of deficiencies that were noted. Overall, Kyle was able to make the inspection process easy, efficient, and comfortable…even for a new buyer like myself. I will definitely be using Forces Home Inspections for any future needs, as well as recommending them to any friends looking in the future.
    Lisa Bennett
  • Diego Sanchez
    Great experience, was very thorough, professional, provides many photos of inspection, explained and did a walk through at the end, verification of any recalls on appliances was something unexpected but much appreciated. Would definitely recommend his services
    Diego Sanchez


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