Home Binder

Home Binder This is FREE to you at my cost.  HomeBinder helps you manage your home maintenance needs and organizes valuable reports to help sell you home.   Did you know in 2017 61,000 dishwashers were recalled in Canada due to fire hazards. Input all your home improvements and provide a detailed printout [...]

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First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer Your First Home STRESS MUCH.  Right now your shocked about how much goes into buying a home in Alberta.  Lawyers, realtors, mortgage, insurance, home inspection, Real Property Report and the paperwork.  You love this house for so many reasons which is an amazing feeling but I'm going to [...]

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11 Month Warranty Inspection

11 Month Warranty Inspection Alberta New Home Buyers Protection Act Alberta New Home Warranty program.  You can trust yourself, relative, builder or hire me to do a full home inspection including addressing all cosmetic issues. If you do not give the builder a list in writing before the 12 month deadline then [...]

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging I use my flir thermal camera to scan for inconsistencies due to insulation or possible water penetrations. This is included in all my inspections for free but it is its own service if that is all you require.  For best results, I find winter is the best time as you [...]

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Pre-Listing Inspection

Selling Your Home Picture this if you would.... Your about to have your first open house after you listed.  Its a weekend and there are alot of open houses and the people that look at your house will have seen a lot that day. They walk in and see a 34 page [...]

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Home Inspections

Home Inspection What to expect during your home inspection Edmonton and surrounding areas First thing everyone should know is a Home Inspection is a non-invasive inspection of the home systems at the time of inspection.  Meaning we can only use our eyes and can't take anything apart or move around the sellers [...]

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